Genshin Impact Official Paimon Plush Doll


[Official Original Genshin Impact Merchandise]

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PAIMON plush doll 30cm (H) x 20cm (W) to add to your collection! High quality and great embroidery details.

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Paimon is a non-playable character in Genshin Impact and accompanies the Traveler throughout their adventure in Teyvat as their guide. She met the Traveler by being fished out of a lake in which she mentions she would’ve drowned if not being fished out. She is currently representing Genshin Impact and is on the Genshin Impact app, website, and social media icons.


Paimon is bubbly, out-going, but almost a little too honest and often comes off rude. She makes it clear who she favors; who she likes and who she doesn’t like, for example as she does not like Venti, she makes it quite clear by calling him “Tone-deaf bard”. She stands by what she thinks and makes it quite clear.


Paimon has a small body, giving her the look of a fairy. She has thick white hair cropped just above her shoulders, dark purple eyes, and fair skin.

She wears a long-sleeved white jumper and a night-blue cape flecked with stars, and white stockings with white boots. Rose-gold embroidery and shapes are attached to her jumper, boots, and sleeves.

Paimon’s accessories are a dark purple hairpin, almost black, and a rose-gold crown that levitates above her head as though it was a halo.