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Poinko Brothers Docomo Chicken Parrot Plush


[Famous & Popular Poinko Docomo Chicken-shaped Parrot Brothers Plush]

  • A – younger brother (23cm small) *limited stocks*
  • B – older brother (25cm small)
  • C – younger brother with frog hat (23cm small) *SOLD OUT*
  • D – older brother with rabbit hat (25cm small) *SOLD OUT*
  • E – younger brother (33cm medium) *limited stocks*
  • F – older brother (37cm medium)
  • G – younger brother with frog hat (33cm medium) *SOLD OUT*
  • H – older brother with rabbit hat (37cm medium) *SOLD OUT*

While stock lasts! If your selected design is sold out, we will notify you and make a full refund.

Backorder items will arrive in 3 weeks time. Thank you for your patience! 🙂 

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Origins of the parrot brothers

Big eyes, rouged cheeks, yellow feathers and most importantly, exaggerated facial expressions – this pair of what seems to be chickens looks funny and naughty. But wait…if you take a closer look, you’ll see these birds are actually parrots.

As they are so hugely popular, you might wonder about the origin of the emerging stars.

Actually, they are the newly released mascots by NTT DOCOMO, Japan’s largest telecommunications company, to attract customers and promote products.

They belong to the Poinko family. The parrot with a long face and three hairs is the elder brother while the one with the round face and one hair is the younger brother.

The elder brother loves his younger brother very much and likes to tell many jokes to amuse him. The younger brother loves sweet food and tries to lose weight but always ends in failure.

They are the most famous characters, but do not represent the whole Poinko family. Other members include 20,086-year-old Poinko Master, Poinko Sister, who is crazy about love and Poinko Doctor, who has 10 hairs on the head.

They were created in December 2015 and were featured in many eye-catching advertisements for the company throughout 2016. In addition, their dancing has gone viral on Japan’s internet.


A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H