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Reversible Octopus Jumbo Plush


[Flippable Reversible Octopus Jumbo Plush] 

This super adorable octopus plush will light up your home/room/office/event space with its flippable moods! 3 jumbo sizes available – 90cm, 130cm and 160cm!

  • Design A – pink/light blue 90cm
  • Design B – pink/light blue 130cm
  • Design C – pink/light blue 160cm
  • Design D – pink/ blue 90cm
  • Design E – pink/ blue 130cm
  • Design F – pink/ blue 160cm
  • Design G – yellow/orange 90cm
  • Design H – yellow/orange 130cm
  • Design I – yellow/orange 160cm

Backorder products will take about 2-3 weeks time to arrive. Thank you for your patience! 🙂

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Octopuses are ocean creatures that are most famous for having eight arms and bulbous heads. Some other fun facts: They have three hearts and blue blood; they squirt ink to deter predators; and being boneless, they can squeeze into (or out of) tight spaces. They are quite intelligent and have been observed using tools.

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A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I