Takashi Murakami Tokyo MX Yume Lion Plush Doll


[Limited Edition Takashi Murakami Yume Lion Plush Doll]

18cm, high grade premium quality material. 100% original and authentic.

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Yume Lion (The Dream Lion) is a familiar character created by Murakami that has appeared as a gold and aluminum statue on the front stoop of the Palace of Versailles, is seen most commonly as a plush toy, and has even appeared as a live mascot. Perhaps it was a matter of time before the sleepy cat had his own children’s book.

The book chronicles the lion’s vivid dreams and the characters he encounters, evoking surprise and whimsy. According to Kaikai Kiki’s press release, Murakami says Yume Lion “radiates his colorful dream and brightens everyone around him with the cute, peaceful colors.”

The lion reminds me of the Japanese children’s book character Nontan, the adorable cat whose naivete and underlying self-absorption can lead to consternation amongst his friends, but ultimately his big heart and je ne sais quoi brings everybody together. These same qualities prevail throughout Doraemon – a common muse for Murakami.

The artwork for Yume Lion Dreams is of course stunning. Murakami seamlessly blends pop art watercolors with his classic training and deep interests in Japanese culture and mythology – with distinct yokai making a guest appearance in Yume Lion’s dream.

While the story is lacking in a moral message common to Western children’s books, the story develops with an array of onomatopoeic words that describe Yume Lion’s changing expressions. The true emotions pop from the typography. Murakami spent part of his summer working on calligraphy in Kyoto, and this rediscovered passion is reflected in Yume Lion Dreams as each hiragana and katakana character emotes each of the lion’s existential predicaments.