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Pokemon Psyduck Jumbo Plush 70cm


Jumbo size 70cm Psyduck! Super rare yet super cute.

Backorder products will arrive in 3 weeks time after order confirmation. 

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Psyduck (コダック, Kodakku) is a Watertype Pokémon introduced in Generation I.


Psyduck is a medium-sized, yellow platypus-like or duck-like Pokémon. Only the feet and bill are tan. The other body parts are all yellow. Psyduck has three black hairs on top of its head, and its hands are always on its head due to its constant headache.


Psyduck always hold their heads due to the fact that they have a near-constant headache. This makes them seem like they are unintelligent, when in fact they are quite clever and wily.

Natural abilities

Psyduck suffers from a constant headache. From time to time, its headache causes it psychic abilities to increase tenfold, but it always forgets when this happens.